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Real Estate Sales Keynotes

Ryan has written and delivered over 50 different keynote presentations to help real estate agents around Australia. Here are a few of Ryan’s most requested presentations that can be further customized for any audience.

i. Prospecting the Naked Truth

Learn the best prospecting activities available to the real estate industry and how to create a Multi-Layered Prospecting System to achieve maximum results from your efforts.


ii. Capturing, Qualifying and Winning Favour to become the Chosen Agent

As real estate agents, we are PRESENTERS. We present options or choices while EDUCATING sellers on the best way to move forward with the sale of their property. Learn the 5 steps to a successful presentation.


iii. Presenting the Options and Closing to WIN 80% of the Business

Learn the options which are available to your seller and the best practice in terms of presentation and presentation style.


iv. The Art of Negotiating

You are not in business unless you are getting the business! Learn the skills and techniques behind the art of closing.


v. 5 Keys to Successful Vendor Management

Learn key business practices to assist you in effectively managing your sellers’ expectations.


vi. Working with Buyers and the Trust Thermometer

Sellers come DISGUISED as buyers all the time. Learn how to build trust and nurture buyers so that you never have to compete for their business again.


vii. Winning Repeat and Referred Business

Learn the key principles to developing an attraction-based business. Why? Because the best businesses have queues outside the door!


viii. Team You Inc.

Building a Team becomes an integral part of the successful growth of your business. Learn when and how to grow your business.



ix. The 5 Stage Selling Strategy Remastered

This keynote will highlight the features, benefits, and guidelines that occur at each stage of one of the most powerful real estate selling strategies to ensure shorter days on market and that the highest price the market is prepared to pay is obtained.


x. Running an Effective Auction Campaign

Learn to list an auction, overcome auction objectives, achieve larger vendor invested marketing, build quick rapport, win great commissions and understand the auction process.

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