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About Ryan Thompson

His Mission: Ryan Thompson, performance coach helping agents reach their full potential and live more fulfilled lives.

His journey as an entrepreneur and sales person began at the tender age of 19, going door-to-door selling 9ct gold jewellery. Since then Ryan has gone on to own multiple successful businesses, including numerous real estate offices, and has built a reputation as a prolific sales person and highly sought after sales coach.


Having arrived in Perth in 2002 and deciding to put his sales skills to the test in real estate, Ryan worked his way up from the bottom. Within 12 short years, Ryan became a million-dollar real estate agent, top-selling auctioneer, and opened multiple offices while managing a 20+ sales team.


Ryan credits his personal success to ongoing training and coaching from real-world mentors and experts such as Brian Tracy, Dale Carnegie, Paul Tonich, Robert Kiyasaki, and Dale Beaumont.

In 2014 Ryan decided to take a leap of faith, the person he was when he began in real estate was not the same person 12 years later, his passion and drive had changed. He now gained more satisfaction from helping agents in becoming more successful. Ryan established Goals International, a personal and professional development company specifically designed to support, educate, train and mentor real estate agents.

He personally wrote the Enrich Mentoring program, a rubber to road program designed to give agents the A to Z in how to become a successful agent. During the next 3 years, over 250 agents successfully completed the program, many doubling or tripling their income. He worked closely with many of WA’s most successful agents including the likes of Vivian Yap, Australia’s number 1 female agent, and Daniel Gonzalez who in his first year as an agent went from $0 to $1,000 000 in GCI.

Even with all this success, Ryan still struggled with the question

‘Why are some agents more successful than others?’

Late in 2017, Ryan realized what needed to be done. Real Estate Brilliance – The Agent Success System was born! Confident that he had uncovered the new paradigm in real estate training, Ryan rebranded from Goals International to Real Estate Brilliance.

On a personal note Ryan is the father of 2 beautiful girls, Bonny (26) and Julia (20) and married to his best friend and business partner Anita. He is an avid rugby supporter and has been to every world cup since 1995 and is looking forward to the 2019 edition in Japan.

Ryan’s heart is never too far away from charity and he has supported and raised tens of thousands of dollars for numerous charities over the years including breast cancer, where Anita and Ryan took on the challenge of climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Other charities supported include Passages Resource Centre, Fair Tradie Project and Lifeline WA. 

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