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Ryan Thompson is best known as a Multi-Award-Winning Real Estate Agent, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Coach, Speaker and Top-Selling Auctioneer.

In 2002 I faced a series of challenges.


At the age of 30 I’d moved to a new country, knew absolutely nobody and had very little money in my pocket. I’d also made the decision to start a new career and joined the real estate industry.


To say I was apprehensive was an understatement – I was told this industry has a 90 percent attrition rate and I knew I was seriously behind the eight ball with regards to knowledge and skill. I didn’t know whether I would make it or not.


But I had made the commitment and there was no going back, so I threw myself into learning everything I could about real estate to overcome these obstacles and become successful.


I submerged myself in training as much as possible, from courses to books and tapes I could borrow, to seminars and tagging along with everyone and anyone who would let me, to gain every little bit of information and experience that could help me on my quest for success.


It was tough, possibly even tougher than I thought it would be. I noticed that everyone did things differently, had different advice; there was no one path, no set guidelines, no structure, format system, or strategy for someone new to the industry to follow. I also noticed that very few agents were as committed to training as I was.  There seemed to be so much to learn, but people weren’t interested, which I found confusing.


Needless to say, after time my career took off, by the end of the same year I was the top salesperson out of the 10 in the office. It was a great achievement, but I knew I needed more training, there was much more to learn in order to build a career and that be successful over the long term.


However, I found it hard to get great training. I needed training from people who had built strong careers in the industry and knew the local market. I wanted training that was delivered well and in a reasonable timeframe. It also had to be cost-effective - when I found a great coach or trainer it was very expensive and was reserved for the high performers. However, I still did as much as I could with the time I had.


I went from $200,000 to $350,000 gross commission, to taking on a PA, right through to $1 million gross income and managing a team, to becoming a Principal and owning and operating multiple offices. After 12 years in the industry, with thousands of hours of learning, tons of practice and most of all failure after failure after failure, I had achieved all the goals I set out to achieve in a somewhat difficult and exhausting industry.


I decided to hang up the gloves as a real estate agent and follow my dream of changing the industry. It was time to help people become more successful, more quickly and easily than I did, at an affordable price. I become a coach, with the aim of delivering programs that were would cut to the chase, rubber to the road, nuts and bolts, and practical, and easy to understand and apply.

As a new trainer, I noticed the same thing I did as a new agent.  Although I was helping a lot of my clients improve and progress, I noticed learnt that nobody had a foundation, nobody had a basic blue print to build from.

With each client I was having to teach from the bottom up. Some picked it up quicker than others, but on the whole, it was a slow process, and slow meant very expensive for them as they were paying by the hour. So, I decided to create a SYSTEM, a foundation that we could build from. A SYSTEM that could be delivered to small groups over a period of time to keep costs down but still continue to deliver high engagement. A system that was so comprehensive that it could be used as a turn-key program from A - Z for rookies, intermediate and advanced agents who had never had a formal real estate success training system. And so REAL ESTATE BRILLIANCE was born.

Real Estate Brilliance is an innovative program created by real estate agents FOR real estate agents. Get step-by-step strategic guidance and mentorship and watch your sales and profits grow.

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